Food Allergy Class

Held at Leichhardt Public School on Sunday 15 September 2019 at 10 – 12pm and 2 – 4pm , this masterclass is a big help to parents and carers.

Food allergies can be life-changing, but they can also be managed. It will mean daily routines to create safe food and understanding cross-contamination and involving relatives or close friends who may not understand all of which can cause conflict at family get-togethers. Then there is the endless explaining to caregivers, friends, schools, and restaurants. It’s hard being on alert 24/7! There are no nights off where you just grab a takeaway.
You don’t want to instil fear in your child but, you do need to prepare them and educate them about anaphylaxis and find a balanced approach, so they are safe but not on high alert or anxious.The burden can often fall on mums shoulders and yet we need families to be on the same page, managing this together.
We educate dads, children, grandparents, mums and close family friends on how to live an amazing life with allergies and reduce and manage the emotional impact on families. Families need more than just an EpiPento manage this condition. Education is the key!

Jackie Nevard is a hardworking food allergy awareness advocate, author of 6 books and founder of the children’s educational series and Food Allergy Smart Program. She runs her popular allergy awareness educational sessions aimed at all children, across Australia. She has already completed 62 events this year in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane. Navigating the challenges we all face being a food allergy parent Jackie has turned this to her advantage and uses her real life experiences to help others.