Frozen Yoghurt

Maybe you’ve spent too many nights walking wanderlust along King street locating the single froyo outlet which is serving Taro flavour this week, or have had one panic attack too many as your bucket of self-served joy is being ‘weighed in’ –  maybe you just don’t care for the suspicious secretions of a soft-serve machine. Either way, guest chef Alexx Stuart gives us the goss on how to make your own froyo, no spork required!

Frozen yoghurt these days can mean an ingredient list full of unknown items, talk about weirdo packets of fakeness! My rule is, if I have to look something up with google to see what it is in an ingredient list, or if it’s not something I could make in my own kitchen (because it is so processed) then it is not a real food.

So, the good news is froyo doesn’t have to be this way. Here’s a real frozen yoghurt, packed with goodness and nutritionally sound enough to have for breakky, dessert or as an afternoon icy pop in the summer time.


300g frozen mixed organic berries

1 frozen ripe banana (remember to peel first before freezing! Trust me)

6 heaped tablespoons coconut or whole milk yoghurt (plus more for garnish if you want to be fancy!)

2 tablespoons chia seed (crush into bran first in a high speed blender or thermomix to not get into your teeth. Leave them out if they aggravate your tummy)

1 tablespoon ground cinnamon

2 teaspoons beetroot powder (optional. The bioglan one is beautiful)


1. Pop all in your high powered blender or Thermomix and blend 5 seconds.

2. Scrape down the sides.

3. Repeat same step another 2-3 times to get it super smooth and creamy.

4. Pour into glasses or bowls.

5. Top with coconut yoghurt and a sprinkle of beetroot powder to garnish. You could add crushed nuts and seeds, bee pollen… Whatever you fancy!