Gig Guide – 221

JD Love Band
Thursday 24th October

JD Love Band is touring for their latest album, Two Days. Blues, Roots, Country – their music is a lively jumble of these genres. Sounds kind of like a mix between The Band and Tom Waits, but much less dark. It’s a little too country for my taste but they definitely aren’t bad musicians.

Petersham Bowling Club, $10


Boy & Bear
Sunday 27th October

Indie-folk bands may be a dime a dozen right now but Boy & Bear (pictured) stand out as one of the more interesting. It’s just really easy listening; the guitar tracks are smooth and mellow and it combines well with the band’s vocal harmonies. They also do a good cover of Neil Finn’s Fall at your Feet. I like that.

Enmore Theatre, $44.80


The Preatures
Thursday 31st October

These guys are really strange. Unearthed describes them as “The Velvet Underground crashing into Motown” and that’s pretty apt. They blend classic and contemporary styles in a really unique way. The vocals aren’t the greatest but the backing instrumentals are fun. Also, free gig so no excuses.

Newtown Hotel, Free



Max Kobras

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