Inner West Whispers – 223

Local gossip, rumour, hearsay and unsubstantiated fact...

Literary waste, fugitives and generally dodgy behaviour

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Councils with highly regarded sustainability and green credentials are some of the worst library book recyclers. Local libraries that do not donate or recycle their books when they have reached the end of the lives are being harshly criticised. Recycling or re-using books would seem like a good waste management solution, but it has been alleged that hundreds of library books have ended up in landfill. What a shame.

• The cancer on Norton St, the Italian Forum, might soon be treated. Since administrators have been appointed to manage the Italian Forum Cultural Centre, three good management proposals have been put forward that protect community and cultural interests while still maintaining commercial longevity. Co.As.It are one of the contenders and many of the residents would like to see it go to a local organisation that has high cultural principles and the resources to run it. The administrators are likely to blend a mix of commercial and cultural tenders to create a sustainable business model. The current situation has been described as the Italian Forum looking like a Ferrari but without the petrol to run it. The eight million dollar Italian Forum Cultural Centre has yet to turn a profit.

• Is the Inner West’s own Pleasantville as pleasant as it seems? We’ve heard whispers lately of an escaped mafioso hiding out in plain sight in Haberfield, apparently he has been for years. Who knew? Apparently everyone but us…

• B&T Collision Repairs on Parramatta Road in Burwood has now gone up for lease, after some locals recently claimed have to spotted police seizing property including three very expensive cars.

•  Also in Burwood, can you guess which prominent local masks dodgy behaviour with a cheesy smile?

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