Your Say: Would you use reusable nappies?

Think green: What do you think about reusable nappies, and would you use them for your child?

James, Leichhardt.

“Well I guess good old fashioned cloth nappies are reusable huh? Better for the environment too…”
Linda, Rozelle.

“As long as they are washed between wearings, yes, certainly.”
Robert, Lilyfield.

“Yes I had twins and that’s all I used. I was busy, but girls we’re at home when we are soooooo busy.”
Shelly, Leichhardt.

“They are better for the environment but generally take up more time with the washing and so on, so I don’t know how often I’d really use them if I bought them. Mums are already busy enough.”
Emma, Summer Hill.

“It’s what my mother use to use – it’s what everyone used once upon a time, and they all seemed to manage. I don’t know why more people don’t choose reusable nappies.”
Kristina, Newtown.

“As long as I’m not the one who is washing them!”
Michael, Balmain.

“My only issue that you can’t really use them when you are not at home, which is kind of inconvenient. But otherwise I’m all for reusable nappies.”
Marienne, Five Dock.

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