Jared has some good news!

Last week I mentioned that there are some really bad things going on in the environment – but there is some good news.

There is an ever growing number of people that are embracing real, sustainable and holistic practices and they are integrating these practices into their every day business and are making money from them.

Our oceans are changing, species are being overfished but locally our industry is generally doing a pretty good job at maintaining a sustainable industry. There is the drive for  clarity around labeling. There are company’s like Joto who have launched an excellent program called CleanFish, which works closely between consumer and fisheries to focus on lesser known species in order to diversify species and promote sustainable fisheries.

Soil depletion is a serious concern but we are now starting to look at nutritionally rich and delicious alternatives such as seaweed and insects (don’t screw your nose up, you’ll be eating them eventually, like it or not) this in turn is going to create a more sustainable option to land based plants and meat production, which will in turn ensure the long term sustainable presence of these foods.

My favorite consideration is that there is a growing number of those in Agriculture who are building bio-diversity into their business model. Everything from grain to oysters will suffer if there is the production of only one species. Due to the instance of industry running into genetic roadblocks there are those who are actively pursuing the need for a robust crop, that relies on more than one species! A great example of  this are Brussel Sprout growers, they do not limit themselves to one but variety rather they plant multiple, so if one kind of crop fails they have another that might not!

There is a huge ground swell of business using the words, local, seasonal & sustainable in their business and it is not a green wash, it is a statement of fact. People are choosing to support those businesses and its great to see!

A lot of these very positive things are happening because business really wants to stay in business. They are also happening because the general population is wanting to know that business is looking after their customers, and the planet.

So though it is way too early to celebrate a global village of careers, I think it’s ok we take a moment to look at the fact that, even though global warming was first raised in back in the 50’s and our politicians are still squabbling over un-important posturings, the rest of us are simply getting the job done and making changes! What a powerful bunch of beautiful people you are, high five!