A chat with Italy's Laura Pausini

Although she has yet to really break into the English language market, many Italians throughout the Inner West will know her music well and next year’s tour just might see her influence spread a little further. Here Ciao chats with Laura to discuss her life, her career and her inspiration…

You have performed all over the world, which has been your favourite country to perform in and why?
For me as a singer, it’s not really a question of the country but rather the people you meet there, especially those that have changed your life. I have to say that I really loved the audience for my shows in Finland and Argentina, I think how grateful I am to them every single day.

How does it feel to finally be coming to perform in Australia for the first time?
It is literally a dream come true. Australia is one of the countries I have wanted to visit most for so many years. When I come, I feel I am going to be far more of a tourist than a performer. I cannot wait.

What can Australian audiences expect from your concert?
This is almost a two-hour show and I am going to be performing all of my greatest hits, from the single that launched my career ‘La solitudine’ to my duet with Kylie Minogue ‘Limpido’ from my latest album 20 – The Greatest Hits.

How has your musical style developed and changed over the years?
My music really follows my steps, how I’ve grown and developed as a person. I started when I was 18 and now I’m 40 so I feel it has changed as much as I have in that time.

Where do you get the inspiration for your song lyrics?
From my life: my family, my boyfriend and now from my little daughter Paola. I try to celebrate my life through music so I write about my personal experiences and that has grown with my age.

After 20 years in the business and working with so many talented people, what do you feel has been one of the biggest highlights of your career?
There have been too many amazing things to choose just one. If I had to narrow it down then I’d say when I won Sanremo at 18 or being the first Italian female artist to win a Grammy; those were both pretty incredible. But there are so many more fantastic moments such as performing for the Pope or singing with some of my idols like Pavarotti and Bocelli. I feel I have been blessed with so many amazing memories, it’s hard to single any out.

Laura Pausini plays for one night only in Sydney on February 14th 2015. For more information go to ticketek.com.au or laurapausini.com.

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