Righteous rightie – 288

A tumescent Righteous Rightie waxes lyrical about the possibilities thrown up by a right-wing riposte to GetUp!

Dear RR – Sadly, many Inner Westies are fellow travellers with GetUp!, that cultural Marxist collective devoted to destroying Western Civilisation. But does it fill you with hope that Cory Bernardi – the Nelson Mandela of Australian conservatives (excuse the analogy with a murderous Negro communist but I’m sure you get my drift) – has launched a rightist equivalent, imaginatively christened Australian Conservatives? Even better, Cory has said it will have ‘top quality technology’, so I presume we can look forward to seeing a MySpace page and electronic bulletin board for the group soon! Eric, Hobart  

LL replies: Given the Liberal Party leadership has fallen into the hands of a warmist, crypto-socialist who’s no doubt a secret agent for GetUp!, the only hope for right-thinking individuals is extra-parliamentary activism. One can only hope the sight of a handful of well-dressed, neatly groomed, middle-aged people politely picketing their offices will be sufficient to persuade the nation’s elected representatives to allow super to continue to a wealth-accumulation vehicle for the struggling, upper middle class elderly. And that the prospect of a trickle of well structured, grammatically correct emails will make it clear all decent Australians yearn to live in a nation where miscreant youths are given the full Silence of the Lambs facemask treatment; employers are at liberty to pay their indolent underlings whatever they see fit; wind farms are dismantled and thrown into the furnaces of coal-fired power stations; improvident members of the proletariat who won’t hurry up and die are charged $500 per doctor’s visit and Adam and Steve can go back to their furtive couplings in Oxford Street bathhouses rather than bleating endlessly on Q&A about not being able to enter into holy matrimony and access taxpayer-funded IVF to grow a designer Frakenbaby. Truly, it looks like it might finally be morning in Australia!