Rio Rejects

Emma McConnell tries out four sports that haven’t made it
to the Olympics…yet. Become a pro before these games get cool!


Several other contact sports including boxing, judo, tae kwon do and wrestling all outshone karate’s Rio Olympic bid, however it is still being considered for the Tokyo Games in 2020. This disciplined and exciting sport is more than just self-defence techniques – it relies upon accurate point scoring combined with exceptional mental stamina and a high level of fitness. Pinnacle Martials Arts Academy in Marrickville have been servicing the Inner West for over five decades, with their team focussing specifically on a Korean subset of the sport. If you’re still not convinced to give it a go, there are plenty of other martial art styles on offer.

Pinnacle Martial Arts – 23 Yabsley Ave, Marrickville



First appearing in the games in 1992, this short-lived Olympic sport had little hope of making Rio – even its sister sport softball couldn’t make the cut! This omission was predominately due to the Games coinciding with the American Major League Baseball season, which would hinder the participation of many world class players. If you’re interested in giving this little-known sport a go, Five Dock Falcons Baseball Club caters for all levels expertise. It’s a great sport for the little ones too, so be sure to sign up for the club’s ‘Try Baseball Day’ on July 30th.

Five Dock Falcons



Making the shortlist for Rio was the highly underrated sport of squash. This energetic yet skilful game can be played in both singles and doubles competitions, and utilises all four walls of the court. It is an easy sport to follow and exciting rallies are commonplace, especially at an elite level. Squash is quite inclusive, with both the men and women’s competitions proving to be popular worldwide. Various gyms offer court and equipment rental. Sydney University’s Sport & Aquatic Centre in Camperdown have great facilities available but please be sure to book ahead!

Sydney Uni Sports & Aquatic Centre – Darlington Rd & Codrington Street, Darlington


Roller Sports

These less-than-traditional sports are finally getting the attention they deserve and remain hopeful of inclusion in future Olympic Games. The most popular of those vying for international prestige is inline speed skating, which encompasses sprinting and endurance events over both short and long distances. It’s a great sport to get into, however all these athletes had to start somewhere! If you’re after professional advice (and plenty of fun) get in contact with YouSkate – this skate school provides one-on-one and group classes or even parties and can be conveniently booked in both Tempe and Marrickville.