Roadtest: art supplies

Art On King:

This cosy store has a wonderful selection of traditional art supplies considering the relatively small space it occupies. The King Street favourite has products catering for all ages and skill levels, as well as offering regular art classes to help guide you in your latest artistic endeavours. Art On King’s wares are second to none, with each new find better than the last. The friendly staff and adjoining bookstore makes the store a must-see the next time you wish escape the hustle and bustle of Newtown.

Reverse Garbage:

Located in the Addison Road Community Centre, Reverse Garbage truly is a hidden gem of the Inner West. This long-standing institution caters for the more sustainably minded artist, with all of their wares being either recycled or unwanted items otherwise destined for landfill. The vast array of just about everything you could imagine will get your creative juices running wild and inspire those even with the most complex of projects. If you’re willing to take the time to explore your efforts will be rewarded, especially if you prefer buying in bulk. If you’re not in a particularly artistic mood you should still stop in as there are plenty of other bargains on offer. With new stock delivered regularly you’re bound to find something that tickles your fancy.

Tilly’s Art & Office Supplies:

Located in picturesque Rozelle, this bright and spacious store caters for both art connoisseurs and those who want to get creative. The maze of carefully categorised art and office supplies will truly leave you mesmerised, particularly if you’ve got a passion for stationery (as I do). There is an extensive range of gifts on offer (and plenty of wrapping paper options too!) making it difficult to leave Tilly’s without picking up something either for yourself or someone special. This is certainly the place to go if you want some expert art advice, with lovely staff on hand who are more than happy to help.

Kmart Ashfield Mall:

Kmart’s attempt at specialising in almost everything includes a small and almost unrecognisable stationery section among the tangle of miscellaneous merchandise. Meandering through the store led to the discovery of an aisle stocked with children’s craft kits, a convenient purchase to have on hand to keep the little ones entertained on those endless rainy days. This, however, was the sole stand-out of the store’s ‘art supplies’ section. If you’re after basic stationery needs or that elusive tried-and-tested $2 Sharpie then Kmart is for you! Do yourself a favour though and consider supporting small local businesses with much larger selections and high quality products to satisfy your artistic appetite.