Roadtest: Local Recycled Fashion Bloggers

roadtest-alexAlex van Os

Fashion blogger and Red Cross store ambassador Alex van Os brings a sense of sophistication to her wardrobe by combining vintage and preloved pieces together along with the new. This mix-and-match of styles and trends has allowed her to create looks that (as her Twitter handle suggests) are runway ready and exceptionally chic. Utilising secondhand clothing has taken her fashion career well beyond the thrift store, and is a prime example of how you can make a sure-fire fashion statement without spending big bucks. Alex lives by the motto ‘secondhand doesn’t mean second best’ and you certainly should too!


roadtest-kassiaKassia Aksenov

Natural, carefree and a little bit cheeky, Newtown local Kassia Aksenov has quite the flair for recycled threads. Her Instagram account is a great example of how she incorporates the old with the new, creating outfits that bring the ’70s alive once more. Kassia utilises her keen eye for detail in such a way that proves merely a few key pieces is all you need to create your signature style. This boho babe is a firm believer in sustainable fashion and donating unwanted items in order to keep your wardrobe fresh and your closet from overcrowding!


roadtest-bellaIsabella Mamas

Despite being the youngest fashionista in this week’s list, Isabella Mamas (also pictured top image) certainly deserves her place! This up-and-coming style icon has proved to be quite an online success, with her Instagram feed an eclectic mix of lifestyle shots that encompass chic, secondhand apparel with tried-and-tested basics. There is a clear prominence of both vintage and upcycled pieces in her wardrobe, with Isabella appropriating retro staples with ease. Her fun and cleancut outfits are great examples of how you can bring new life into outdated fashion.


roadtest-katieKatie Buddle

Do you need a new winter wardrobe, but without the expensive price tag? Let Katie Buddle’s social media pages inspire you! Her quirky (yet practical) threads are predominately and proudly sourced from secondhand or unwanted items of clothing, with a range of cute woollens and bright bomber jackets getting her through this chilly season. Katie advocates re-donating clothing when possible, and spends her time working at a Red Cross op shop. If you need any fashion hints or tips be sure to make the trip out to Paddington’s Red Thread store for some personalised advice on recycled fashion!