Spicy Inner West: Sharing Food

Ciao asks, you answer:

Does it irritate you when you offer to cook something for your partner or buy them their own ice-cream/chocolate bar/pizza and they say, “It’s OK, I’ll just have some of yours”?

“No. Sharing is caring!” Hannah, Leichhardt.

“I cannot stand it! Joey doesn’t share food!’” Nick, Ashfield.

“My boyfriend is always stealing my food. If I have a bag of M&M’s he finishes them all before I’ve even had a chance to have one. I just do the same thing to him when he’s eating something. It’s give and take.” Kirra, Redfern.

“Not as much as it irritates them when I stab them with my fork afterwards.” Adam, Surry Hills.

“I hate that.” Luca, Zetland.

“That’s so annoying, especially when it’s a meal you really enjoy, but it’s not just my boyfriend that does that, it’s my family too.”
Sophie, Five Dock.

“It drives me crazy. It always happens when I’m buying popcorn at the movies.” Greg, Newtown.

“My partner never does that but if he did I wouldn’t mind.” Fiona, Annandale.

“My girlfriend prefers food from other people’s plates – super irritating.” Daniel, Chippendale.

“Nope, I feed my girlfriend food from my plate. It’s romantic.” Brendan, Drummoyne. 

“I’m a shitty cook so my partner is never chasing what’s coming off my cooktop. When we cook though, it’s to eat together so this is never really an issue.” Cath, Petersham.

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