Stars – 246

Your stars of the week by Astrogirlzarro

You’ll need to exercise patience where your financial investments are concerned until November 8th when savvy Venus moves forward in your cash zone. Taking calculated risks with cash in the second week of November prove successful.

The Full Moon in your sign on November 7th has a grounding effect on your wellbeing. Slow down and readjust a particular situation.

You’ll find that brains are far sexier than brawn when Mercury moves into your house of relationships on November 16th. Cool and clever conversations will strengthen bonds.

In the mood for love? Key dates for passion are November 10th and 11th, so make room in your busy schedule for romance.

You’ll be a force to be reckoned with when Mars and Pluto align on November 10th. You possess the power to influence a project or event in your favour.

Working through concerns with family and loved ones proves successful on or around November 16th.

Your values are shifting, thanks to the command of Pluto. Keep an open mind; your current belief system may not serve you anymore.

Not taking a significant other for granted is the lesson for many Scorpios under the Full Moon-Mercury-Mars-Pluto link. Expect your close relationships to intensify under this transit.

Love needs to be adventurous and spontaneous after November 16th. Be playful, but don’t toy with other people’s feelings.

Any project you set your mind to this fortnight will succeed, thanks to the supremacy of the Mars-Pluto combination.

Aquarians will benefit from the support they receive from like-minded individuals around November 16th. Expect close friendships to deepen.

Travel occupies the hearts and minds of many Pisceans now. Significant dates for planning and decision-making are November 12th, 18th, and 26th. Bon Voyage!