Stars – 226

Jupiter, Mars and Uranus bring opportunities for personal and professional progress this year. Adopting a flexible attitude will make sudden and unexpected changes manageable.

Long-held creative or professional plans come to fruition in 2014, thanks to the productive energies of Saturn and Jupiter. Let go of the past and move forward with confidence.

2014 is the year of self-awareness and creativity for the spirited Twins. Find your purpose through writing, teaching or study objectives.

An abundant money cycle begins in the second half of 2014, easing any anxieties surrounding security. Satisfaction will come from giving your power to home and family projects.

Jupiter enters your sign this year, kick starting a 12-year cycle of growth and adventure. Allow yourself time and resources to pursue your passions and move beyond your comfort zone.

Hot topics for Virgo in 2014 are money, values and self-esteem. Mars generates productivity so focus on achievements that fulfil you personally.

Thanks to Mars and the North Node, life-changing choices are possible this year, but only if you are willing to take major risks.

Expansive Jupiter opens professional doors for ambitious Scorpions in 2014. Take advantage of this transit with the help of Mars and Saturn supplying drive and determination.

Your ruling planet Jupiter inspires you to pursue your dreams, especially those involving travel and study. This year, make room for personal passions and natural talents that usually lay dormant.

Expect a stop-start year of moving forward combined with treading water, the reward being an end-of-year career overhaul.

Jupiter enters your relationship sector in 2014, expanding your chances for romance and good times.

The focus will be on work and wellbeing this year. Overcome your natural shyness, as there will be opportunities for stepping into the spotlight. An ideal year to set fresh professional goals and take calculated risks.

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