Stars – 250

Your 2015 overview by Astrogirlzarro

You can make headway with your plans and dreams this year, thanks to your ruling planet, Mars. Stay focused on specific goals while life moves quickly.

Mercury’s extended cycle will arouse your curiosity regarding new career paths. Professional possibilities abound for many Taureans in 2015.

Major decisions involving your family or romantic life will be the focus over the coming twelve months. Make 2015 the year you commit to a special person or preferred domestic situation.

Professionally, 2015 will be a significant year as Saturn, Mars, and Uranus propel you forward to your true calling.

Leos will dream big under the spell of Jupiter. Exotic adventures and stimulating projects make up part of the Lion’s agenda this year.

Action planet, Mars, will activate the public side of your chart for most of 2015. Expect to accelerate in the areas of career or community projects.

The karmic North Node will help many Librans work towards breaking away from old patterns and toxic baggage this year.

You will be feeling lighter but wiser in 2015. Taking professional risks will produce positive results over the next twelve months.

Serious Saturn will present the usually fun-loving Centaur a lesson or two over the next couple of years. Remember, making difficult choices is necessary for personal growth.

You’ll be motivated by shared goals and ambitions this year. Focus on the people who make your life meaningful.

Aquarians will do well to make room for lost hobbies and consuming passions this year; life isn’t always about work, you know.

2015 will be a year of romantic possibilities and challenges as Jupiter and Saturn invigorate your love zone. Be open to new experiences that will stretch you beyond your comfort zone.