Support Rural Communities

In the lead up to Christmas, one of Australia’s largest charities is encouraging Australians to keep farmers in need in their thoughts by hosting Christmas parties with a cause or buying a gift card for a primary producer family as a gift.

CEO of Rural Aid John Warlters says it has been a particularly challenging year for the farming sector and a small gesture at Christmas time can have a major impact on rural families.
“Drought, bushfire and flood are regular and devastating realities for Australian farmers. These challenges create financial, emotional and practical hurdles for this crucial sector of our community and economy; the people who put food on our tables and clothes on our back,” Mr Warlters said.
“This year has featured all of these challenges. Vast swathes of farmland are still in drought and, in addition, Covid created new pressures for farmers this year. Domestic border closures impacted the supply chain for farmers, and international border closures impacted the workforce of shearers and fruit pickers.”
But, Mr Warlters said this festive season, Australians can make a difference in many ways.
• Buy a gift card on the behalf of a friend or family member and make a real difference in the life of a farming family.
• Buy your Christmas Cards through us, and a percentage of the purchase will be given to farmers in need.
• Christmas party with a cause. Add a fun and inspiring theme to your party such as “dress like a farmer” and raise some funds for primary producers.
Find out more ways to give our farming families a brighter Christmas at