Girls on Film

March 17, 2016
Five women television characters that go beyond the staid stereotypes.   Janet King From Crownies Marta Dusseldorp’s character in the ABC series Crownies is one that simply oozes confidence. As the Senior Crown Prosecutor in […]

Inner West Whispers – 245

October 28, 2014
Prof Spurr not all bad, celebrity chef sighted, White Ibis named Bachelor of the Year • Celebrity Chef Heston Blumenthal was spotted finishing a Meatball Melt and Chocolate Milkshake at a certain cafe on Darling Street […]

Rant: Revenge of the nerds

November 18, 2013
Fantasy isn’t for just for geeks, it’s the stuff dreams are made of… Ciao Magazine recently published a rant (see here) in which the writer assaulted the fantasy genre and fans of this genre, making […]

Rant: Anything but fantastic

October 21, 2013
I have not seen a minute of the Harry Potter films, know Twilight only as daylight’s capitulation, have zero interest in any of the seven(teen?) Lord of the Rings epics and have no idea what […]