Your Say: Budget verdicts

What do you think of the Federal Budget 2014? Is it the budget that had to happen or just plain evil?

“Official verdict: pretty poo poo.” Chadwick, Enmore.

“Cuts needed to be made. The fact is healthcare isn’t free and it’s expensive. Insiders opinion, it often gets abused which ruins it for the others that genuinely need it. And $6 or $7 isn’t really that much.” John, Haberfield.

“I’m one of the few people who couldn’t care less about the budget being a single, healthy (for the moment), childless professional. I imagine it sucks for families, people with cars, sick people and students still in the education system for years to come. The bachelor life is looking pretty good right now.” Dan, Newtown.  

“I don’t want to hear anymore about the budget because it makes me depressed.” Eleanor, Dulwich Hill.

“Just plain wrong on so many levels. Especially affected will be those who are already struggling financially because of low wages. Where is the fairness in that, and what sort of society will result in which there is a growing underclass?” Robert, Lilyfield.

“I like that it’s tough on under 30’s but raising the retirement age to 70 is simply not plausible. I agree with a headline I saw that said: ‘Only a bloke whose sat behind a desk his whole life would say you can work until you’re 70.’ Especially with prices rising on basic healthcare!” Ross, Haberfield.

“Hate it. But the barbarity will depend on its implementation.” Alana, Chippendale.

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