Your Say: buying clothes

Do you have any rules you follow when you buy clothes?

“My rule would be to go to Kathmandu. Their clothes are good quality and come at a good price. Everything I am wearing today is Kathmandu!”
David, Leichhardt

“Not really. If it fits and looks good, I buy it.”
Ben, Earlwood

“I always go to boutiques, not shopping centres. I can’t stand them!”
Linda, Leichhardt

“I usually buy designer clothing during sales or I buy secondhand. I look out for high-quality, classic pieces so I can keep wearing them for 10 years into the future. I cough up more money, but the item lasts much longer in the end.”
Tina, Five Dock

“I like to buy natural fibres and I always look at the workmanship.”
Hans, Redfern

“My only rule is to find the cheapest option. I’m a pensioner so I have to.”
Maria, Leichhardt

“As middle-aged women, we just go for the clothes that look good, suit our work and life. We also avoid buying clothes made in places where we know there are sweatshops, like Bangladesh. We just don’t do that.”
Wendy & Louise, Lewisham