Your say: Has Norton St become more lively?

Do you think Norton Street has become more lively over the past six months?

“Yeah, kind of. I have only lived here for a year, so I don’t really know. But it seems like a few more shops have happened up and it’s a bit busier.”
Daigan, Redfern

“Yes, for the young people. I have two daughters and they have started coming here to go out for dinner. But it’s changed over the years.”
Susan, Russell Lea

“From my observations it hasn’t got more lively, there are still lots of shop vacancies. I would love to see some more small bars and I am always up for another bookstore. I think the pop-up stores are a great idea, but I think maybe the parking prices are deterring people from coming here.”
Debbie, Leichhardt

“I used to come here all the time but it’s just not the same atmosphere anymore. I am very disappointed with The Forum, that really went down hill.”
Rosetta, Kingsgrove

“Yes, it’s feeling more lively and active with a few more shops open. It’s got a bit more of a vibe happening.”
Alex, Leichhardt

“Norton Street is just as sh*t as always!”
Anon, Leichhardt