Your say: Inner west racism

Have you ever witnessed or experienced racism in the Inner West?

No, but I have only been here for six months.
Ceasar, Waitara

No, I haven’t.
Heni, Leichhardt

Absolutely, I have been called a ‘dirty wog’ countless times. Been coping it since I was seven, when I went to school. And I was born here.
Simbad, Marrickville

Yeah, for sure. Once this guy smashed into my car – and he called me the N-word and a curry muncher. Words I hadn’t heard since school.
Silvia, Abottsford

No. Not really.
Torpon, Campbelltown

Well, a little bit. I am used to it now, I have been here a long time. It’s just something everyone knows about, even if they don’t realise it’s happening to them. I don’t know what to say, that’s how it is.
Mohammed, Leichhardt

No, I haven’t noticed anything in particular.
Phil, St George

When I told another mum the school I was sending my daughter to, she made a comment about how there are too many “Asian” students.
Lina, Chiswick