Inner West Whispers – 297

December 9, 2016

Trump attack at Maccas – Without a bike – Sticky Fingers unstuck The Star Observer last week reported an incident at Stanmore McDonald’s in the early hours of the morning where two gay men were […]

Latte Leftie – 292

October 7, 2016

Latte Leftie joins the baying ranks of young progressives in calling for a cleansing round of book burnings. Dear LL – I was cringing even worse than usual to be a citizen of this backward […]

Righteous Rightie -290

September 2, 2016

Despite constant attempts to silence him, Righteous Rightie vows to keep speaking truth to ‘oppressed group’ power Dear RR –  I yearn for the old Australia, the one where a man could down 10 schooners […]

Latte Leftie – 287

July 21, 2016

Dear LL – I’m not sure what to do about Hanson 2.0. Of course, my go-to position would be that although I am a ferocious warrior for free speech I have no tolerance for hate […]

Latte Leftie – 284

June 9, 2016

Confucius say it’s time for Australian media to stop being the running dog imperialist lackey of decadent, declining America  Dear LL –  I was surprised to find a lift-out – ‘The Middle Kingdom resumes its […]

Things we love – 280

April 14, 2016

Have you seen this face popping up around Sydney streets? Street artist Peter Drew has stuck 250 paste ups of Monga Khan, a cameleer from India who lived in Australia during the 1900s, across Sydney […]

Inner Best: Arabella

April 14, 2016

Award-winning Lebanese restaurant Arabella sprung to prominence recently for all the wrong reasons following a racist attack on it’s Newtown shopfront. But owner and Executive Chef Mohamad Zouhour says the positive response from the local […]

Your say: Inner west racism

March 18, 2016

Have you ever witnessed or experienced racism in the Inner West? No, but I have only been here for six months. Ceasar, Waitara No, I haven’t. Heni, Leichhardt Absolutely, I have been called a ‘dirty […]

Rant: Cultural appropriation

March 18, 2016

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of cultural appropriation. The term has cropped up frequently in discussions of popular culture, reigniting debates around political correctness. Think Kylie Jenner’s cornrows and Miley […]

Latte Leftie – 274

January 28, 2016

Latte Leftie weighs in on the thorny issue of how to deal with inappropriate behaviour from a non-white, heteronormative male Dear LL – When I came back to work following a holiday down the South […]

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