Your Say: Cup animal cruelty

Should the Melbourne Cup be stopped for cruelty to animals?

• “Yes!!!” Bridget, Newtown

• “Why should it be stopped? Right now, somewhere, a cow is having a bolt fired through its skull so you can have a burger, yet some prefer not to think about it but get all sad when a race horse that has had a pampered life passes on.” Nick, Five Dock

• “There’s no cruelty to the animal. I saw close ups of the horses and not one was whipped by the jockeys. Boxers pound each other into hamburger mince but is that bloodsport stopped?” Michael, Abbotsford

• “It’s not really fair to compare horse racing with boxing; the boxers choose to compete and they weigh the risks of doing so. A horse doesn’t have that luxury. And when a cow is killed for its meat, that is serving a very real purpose but what is gained from a horse running itself to death?” Max, Newtown

• “The only cruelty is if the horse was drugged before the race.” Maria, Granville