Lucinda – Hot or Not?

Lucinda Hopkins, 22, is a country girl living in the big smoke of the Inner West. In her final year of Primary Education at Sydney University, she keeps herself busy working at Town Hall Hotel, Newtown, and participating in early morning boot camps.

Lucinda loves trying new foods, meeting new people and seeing new things. Once she has finished her studies, she hopes to continue her journey of discovery by spending a year or two traveling, visiting schools around the world and experiencing new cultures.

On March 17th, Lucinda will be trying something really new when she shaves off her much loved hair for the Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave! The shave will take place at The Town Hall Hotel, Newtown, at 8pm. Come along and help raise money to help those affected by leukaemia!

You can also support this fantastic cause by visiting her profile page to donate online:



The panel says…


Lucinda looks after herself and her world! She has terrific hair and is doing something even more terrific with it. I would have no trouble saying salute to Lucinda at the Town Hall, Newtown!



hot-joeJoe from PRB Real Estate

Great smile, beautiful eyes, amazing personality. Any girl that would shave her hair for such a worthy cause is a keeper.




Obviously a beautiful girl inside and out. I certainly wouldn’t have the balls to shave my head so more power to her!



ms-red-150Ms Red

What a beautiful blue-eyed girl – and soon she won’t have to put up with any blonde jokes!


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