Your Say: New Year goals

What are your goals in the New Year?

“You know that feeling just as you’re contemplating starting a task (big or small) that you know will be rewarding eventually but is currently just daunting? My goal is to be better at recognising that feeling and accepting it as a challenge and not as a paralysis-inducing nightmare. Baby steps are ok.”
Emily, Balmain

“Listen to as much, if not more, music as last year. Make a meaningful contribution to someone else’s life. Do something weird and out of left field, such as enter an eating competition!”
Alex, Newtown

“Umm, I haven’t sat down and written mine out yet… maybe that should be my first goal.”
Tony, Five Dock

“Keep on keeping my life together and making sure I capitalise on the good work of last year.”
Nick, St Peters

“Mine are to trust my judgement and nurture my independence.”
Sophie, Ashfield

“I have never made a resolution in my life!”
Isobel, Haberfield

“Become more popular.”
Malcolm, Potts Point