Your say: Shopping local vs. online

Do you prefer to do your shopping online or locally?

“I like shopping online for convenience and because I don’t often get to the shop after work.”
Bruno, Leichhardt.

“I like to support my local IGA, but when it comes to clothes or books online usually has the best deals.”
Aaron, Wareemba.

“It’s great when local shops have an online site too – it’s the way of the future I think!”
Stef, Haberfield.

“I always buy locally – both food, which I like to see before I buy, and clothing, which I want to try on. I can’t get into online shopping.”
Bernie, Ashfield.

“Depends what I’m buying. I love markets shopping, they usually have great organic fruit and veg. Of course, the range is less but at least it’s fresh and seasonal.”
Holly, Newtown.

“As someone who owns a small business, I try to support the other ones around me too. We need to keep the high streets alive.”
Marisa, Haberfield.

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