Your Say: the Carbon Tax

Do you think the carbon tax should be abolished. Why or why not?

Hell no! It’s about ensuring our future and it gives funds for investing in the future of renewable energy.” Tess, Lidcombe.

“All taxes should be abolished because the citizens of Australia pay enough for everything else!” Julianna, Haberfield.  

“It will be disappointing to see the country go back on what was such a milestone – the implementation of the carbon tax.” Bruce, Leichhardt.

“Where has the money from the carbon tax even gone? I can’t see anything tangible coming from the tax so it’s a hard thing to support. Government should look at subsidising solar power or planting trees, not just charging people extra for their power.” Scott, Leichhardt.

“If I was Gina Rinehart I would say yes…I’m not, so I say no.” Antonio, Leichhardt.

“Yes I think it should be abolished and the monies which are going to bureaucrats to implement it go to investing in renewable energy. The tax was just a tax; it wasn’t going to help the pollution. There are a lot of companies closing and a lot of elderly scared to turn on their lights and heaters because they can’t afford the electricity…” Frances, Sydney.

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