Your Say: the ideal garden

What would be your ideal garden?

“A communal garden would be wonderful, something that is low-maintenance and also has a herb garden inside.”
Mabel, Leichhardt

“Anything that is environmentally minded and that uses as little disposable materials as possible. A place where people don’t use pesticides and check what is in pre-packaged fertilisers, as the damage from chemicals can stay in the ground for years to come.”
Audrey, Leichhardt

“A vegetable garden. I’ve just moved here from New Zealand, so preferably one without snakes!”
Sherlie, Leichhardt

“A green garden that is enclosed with a bit of privacy and plenty of colours.”
George, Leichhardt

“One with green grass and trees. Running water would also be nice.”
Amanda, Camperdown

“I would like a garden with fruit trees and a place I can grow vegetables. Also a space for kids to play and a barbecue area. Maybe a small swimming pool as well!”
Pablo, Kingsford

“I would like a garden with plenty of sun that I can grow native plants in, and maybe one day do some bee-keeping.”
Hannah, Newtown