Your say: the Italian Forum

There’s been a lot of debate around who should take over the Italian Forum Cultural Centre: Co.As.It or the Actors Centre Australia (ACA). If you could decide, what would you like to see open in the Forum?

• “Co.As.It. It was always meant to be an Italian cultural place.” Mark Marrone.

• “It was always meant to be ‘an Italian cultural place’?! Conceded by the Cadigal/Wangal in the day was it? It’s the Italiano Darling Harbour.” Blak Douglas.

• “I’m a local and never bother with the Forum as it’s boring as hell. Has been for years. They really need to jazz up the place quickly.” Patricia Calleja. 

• “Maybe this is a good chance to let people know about the new Italian Osteria opened called La Tavernetta, which is owned by Italians and is the only place where you’ll find real Italian chefs in the Forum. Instead of putting this place down, some support for young Italians trying to get this place back would be appreciated.” Vicky from La Tavernetta.

• “Pull it down, it’s a lemon.” Tino Mian.

• “Glorious Gospel Church.” Sonia Rozzi.

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