Stars – 221

Your stars for the week from our real Astrogirl



Inequality issues regarding significant relationships need addressing under the Full Moon of October 19th.



Avoid smothering those closest to you under the Mercury retrograde from October 20th.
Give loved ones their breathing space.



You’ll be a hit with your peers under the Lunar Eclipse of October 19th.
Here’s a chance to restore any lost credibility.



The big cosmological event concerning your domestic life this year is the Full Moon of October 19th.
Divide your time and energy equally by fixing healthy boundaries between work and home life.



Your actions will have a direct effect on your economic situation under the Mars transit.
Take charge of your finances by pursuing new income streams.



Expect ebbs and flows to occur in your social circle from October 20th.
Communication difficulties are likely, so shift your schedule according to who better fits your agenda.



Re-assess where you stand with certain friendships under the Eclipse of October 19th.
Those who finally reveal their true colours cause you to question their loyalty.



You’ll be in a gregarious and laidback mood now that the year is winding down.
Put on your cape and go Batman all the way to Christmas.



Emotions peak under the Full Moon of October 19th.
Accept them as cues from your inner self to create more and dawdle less.



Keep your promises to your mates on October 29th when Mercury aligns with Saturn;
friends will need to return the favour when you need their help the most.



You’re unlikely to see the truth about financial dealings between October 18th and 21st,
so delay making business transactions until after this transit has passed.



Mars in your relationship sector demands that you take charge and make things happen on a romantic level.
Be brave and go after what your heart desires.



Words: Astrogirlzarro

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