Your Say: What would you line up for?

People have been lining up a lot lately – waiting for a glimpse of the royals, free comics (pictured above) or even new release shoes. It got us wondering: what else would you line up for?

“I’d line up to meet Bon Jovi but if it was more than three hours, I wouldn’t bother. I would line up for E3 tickets or tickets to the League of Legends World Championship but again wouldn’t waste more than three hours on it.”
Nick, Ashfield.

“I would wait no longer than 20 minutes to be seated at one of those wanker places that don’t take bookings for food but I would need access to a bar to at least have a drink while I wait… the end.”
Dana, Leichhardt.

“I’d line up for free taco day at Guzman Y Gomez. Don’t judge me, I’m a student!”
Lucy, Newtown.

“Free food. Any time, anywhere. If it’s delicious, I be a waiting. Free booze. Getting tipsy for free, man. That’s living the life.”
Jimmy, Petersham. 

“I’d wait for hours to meet my idols. So far I’ve met Fabio Cannavaro and Alessandro Del Piero. Dreams do come true!”
Paul, Haberfield.

“For a seminar on how to avoid waiting in line for things.”
Andrejs, Sydney.


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