Gigs guide – 241

Saturday 30th August 
Hobo Bordeaux

For those who don’t know Hobo Bordeaux, they have been kicking around Sydney for a few years now with their unique mix of rock, blues and hip-hop influences. Enjoy with whiskey.

The Annandale Hotel, Free

Friday 5th September
Doc White and Si Compadres

Sometimes I feel that country-blues was invented so that big hairy men with bourbon-soaked voices could be sexy. Well, if this man isn’t pulling it off, no one is. Doc has a good growl and a fantastic rolling beat. Would go well with whiskey.

Django Bar, $27.50

Friday 5th September
The Royal Artillery

I have never heard of stoner-blues before. Maybe these guys invented it? Whatever it is, they sure as hell nailed it. Sounds a lot like later Kyuss or early QOTSA with these fantastic guitar licks. These guys should be headlining festivals. Screw whiskey, there is no drink strong enough to match this hectic band.

Lewisham Hotel, Free

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