Gigs guide – 243

Saturday 27th September
Black Bird Hum

What first comes off as a pretty common folk sound, soon turns into reggae-infused, John Butler-esque jams. With some maracas and horn thrown in, this band will take you from a sunny tropical beach and back to city roots in a single gig.

The Annandale Hotel, Free


Friday 3rd October

I don’t know why this guy bothers with all the covers; no one needs to hear him sing Carly Rae Jepsen or Beyonce and he knows how to write a song himself anyway. His original pieces are a bit too feel good but they sound nice and goes well with some sun.

The Vanguard, $13.80


Saturday 4th October
Totall Addiction

If I knew ’80s rock better, then I would be able to name someone that these guys sound like. But basically it’s very ’80s rock; lots of ‘baby’s and ‘girl’s and indulgent guitar solos. Sounds like it belongs in a movie with Molly Ringwald.

The Roxbury Hotel


Words: Max Kobras

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