Jared spies, a pizza pie in the sky

Pizza pie in the sky

I love pizza! Good pizza is seriously one of the best things in the world!

My only issue with Pizza is that when it’s good it is amazing but when it’s anything but good it is simply horrible.

Pizza is one of the most tortured and ‘wronged’ dishes in the history of food. It consists of dough, a few simple toppings, and then you just bang it into a hot oven. It relies on only two basic rules, use fresh ingredients and keep it simple. That’s it.

Now before all you pizza-makers out there get all uppity and say, “A good pizza is far from simple, it can take years to perfect!” Yes, I know this, which is why bad pizza grates on me! Like the saying goes, ‘you had one job’ and you went and brought a pre-made pizza base instead – how is that not taking the piss!

Recently I took my boys to the movies, had a bit of time to kill before hand, they needed feeding and were pretty keen on the idea of pizza. The boys like things simple – all we required was a good base, sauce, a bit of cheese, maybe a slice of ham. About $80 later, job done.

Apart from the treasured time I spent with my sons the rest of the experience was just boring, service was formulaic, but mostly boring. Thing was that no one actually cared about the meal! All of the components were pre-made, lackluster and bland; it did little other than fill the holes in our stomachs. It’s not about being a gourmet snob or only eating fancy or expensive meals, my grievance with this pizza is that cooking good, delicious and nutritious food is actually really easy! Managing a business, oh now that is a world of pain…. Staffing issues, high costs, stress and unforgiving punters who do nothing but whine about mundane stuff, which is why as an industry we need to work harder than ever not to stuff up the basic food.

Cook simple and delicious meals that make people feel fantastic, price it well and then move on to the heartache of being a business owner. This is important, because you can taste when then owner has forgotten about flavor in pursuit of profits, and it always makes you feel a wee bit ill.