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Lobbying for Bayview Park Wharf

In light of the Bayview Park Wharf closure, the City of Canada Bay has resolved to work with the local community to seek a meeting with the Minister for Transport regarding the termination of regular ferry services and other relevant transport matters. “The Bayview Park service has had limited support from the Government since 2010,” said Canada Bay’s Mayor, Angelo Tsirekas. “The service has not been given any opportunity to attract more patrons given the limited timetable and lack of promotion, which has forced commuters to look at other forms of transport.” On the more positive side, the Mayor was pleased with the confirmation of the Drummoyne Wharf upgrade scheduled to begin construction in 2015. “This wharf has been in dire need of an upgrade for a long time and we have been pushing for this for around 10 years,” he said.


Major reforms to hit local government

Marrickville Council is urging its citizens to participate in the current community consultations taking place regarding critical changes to State Government that would see planning laws effected and Sydney metropolitan’s 43 councils reduced to just 15. “New planning rules will see about 80 per cent of development proposals fast-tracked and determined in less than 25 days…Residents will be informed but not consulted about such projects, and Council will not have the power to knock them back,” said Mayor of Marrickville, Councillor Macri. For more information or to make a comment visit www.marrickville.nsw.gov.au. Submissions are welcome until Friday 28th June.


local-news-charity-coffeeSuspend your next coffee

Marrickville Council has gotten behind the Suspended Coffee Initiative across the local area, in which a café patron pays for an extra cup of coffee in advance that can be consumed by a coffee-drinker-in-need later in the day. Needy customers can ask participating cafes if there are any “suspended coffees” available and, if so, are supplied with a nice hot beverage thanks to the kindness of a stranger. This ‘pay it forward’ type initiative is gaining popularity world-wide and soon you’ll be able to spot Marrickville cafes involved by their identifying stickers provided by council.

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