Your Say: Politicians on Social Media

Do you follow your local election candidates or the PM himself on social media?

“I’m presently trying to avoid contact with politicians. So that nearly rules out ALL forms of media. Certainly wouldn’t let them invade my social media channels. They’d trawl through all my friends, ‘liking’ those with sex appeal…”
Patrick, Rozelle.

“I follow both the PM and Opposition on Twitter but not my local candidate. I sometimes comment but mainly just use social media to keep up to date. I follow a lot of news services and political journalists as well. I don’t really write to them specifically, it’s more so about their policies etc.”
Seb, Waterloo.

“Hell no, I already get bombarded enough by politicians on my TV and in newspapers – they are everywhere!”
Dannii, Leichhardt.

“That would just be embarrassing, I don’t want people to know which political party I follow and that I really think Tony Abbott is sexy in speedos and secretly wait for more photos to be released of him sans pants…”
Juliet, Annandale.

“The local candidates are somewhat inactive and boring compared to Rudd and Abbott so I don’t bother following them.”
Jac, Abbotsford.

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