Stars – 212


Relationships will depend on suggestive communication techniques when Venus connects to Mercury. Ditch the politically correct vernacular and experiment with edgy language.


Jupiter improves your financial situation until June 26th, bringing recognition of your talents to a wide audience. Take advantage of this transit and promote your work with confidence.


Expect financial gain this fortnight, but heed the Mercury retrograde motion slamming the breaks on extravagant spending.


A new twelve-year cycle begins. Projects initiated under this transit have the opportunity to expand and succeed over the next few years. The key element is self-belief.


Avoid indulging in fatty food around June 20th, before the Sun-Jupiter link has a chance to expand your waistline. You will need quiet time after June 26th to recharge those overworked batteries.


Getting your message across to others can be challenging under a Mercury retrograde motion. Establish systems and procedures before June 25th.


A professional cycle begins on June 26th. You turn on the Libran charm under the Sun-Mercury- Venus link, expanding your opportunities for career success.


The desire to get away intensifies once the Sun, Mercury and Venus join Jupiter in your travel zone. You’ll be keen to explore uncharted territories this fortnight.


Take advantage of the Jupiter transit to develop and establish a financial strategy that will pay dividends in the future.


You’ll find it easy to attract a mate. Mercury provides you with the social skills to charm others with your dry wit and down-to-earth personality.


Reconnect with daily rituals and observe how it fits into life’s big picture. Understand the long-term impact work habits have on your health. Learning to say ‘no’ occasionally can keep you sane.


Favourable links from Jupiter and Venus to your Sun signals a fortnight of fun. Pursuing creative activities under this transit will expand your skill set.



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