Righteous Rightie – 275

Righteous Rightie agrees that it’s high time the Liberal Party delivers some sensible economic reform, good and hard

Dear RR – Even taking into account their drama queenish tendency to hyperventilate over trifles, I find it hard to comprehend the anti-GST sentiments of ‘the typical Australian voter’. Given the criminally high minimal wage and absurdly generous welfare state in this nation, is it going to be such a great hardship for Joe or Joanne Average to pay $30 rather than $20 for a packet of Winfield Blue ‘durries’? Or $300 rather than $200 for a Southern Cross face tattoo? Or $3000 rather than $2000 for a pedigree pit bull that one can pretend to sodomise when one’s footy team comes over for a drunken Australia Day BBQ? Can’t the plebs get it through their thick skulls that if the GST is raised it will mean rich people and corporations can pay less tax? And if four decades of neo-liberalism have taught us anything, isn’t it that making life easier for plutocrats and multinational corporations inevitably creates a working man’s paradise? One in which vast sums of money cascade down to the lower orders, allowing them to stuff their foul gobs with fast food to the point they are immobilised by morbid obesity? When is that prancing populist Turnbull going to give the nation (and, more importantly, the Liberal Party’s donor class) what it so richly deserves?
Scott, The Shire

LL replies: That lucid analysis was like splashing around in the crisp, clear water of a mountain stream fed by melted snow dripping from the roof of a Davos convention centre, Scott. Sadly, Turnbull’s a commo weakling who’ll never rescue this nation from its dire debt emergency. Happily, it can only be a matter of months until the Member for Warringah returns to the Lodge in Churchillian triumph. Then he can build on the solid foundation of the heroic 2014 budget and force freeloading wage slaves to start funding the public schools and hospitals they are so enamoured with.