Run River Run

The Wests Tigers visited Cabarita Pool last week as ambassadors of the ‘Our Living River Campaign’ to make Parrammatta River swimmable again by 2025.

The Our Living River Campaign has been organised by a coalition of 14 local councils, including Burwood, Canada Bay and Leichhardt.

West Tigers forward, Dene Halatau, said that he was motivated to join the campaign because of his own experience living near the Abbotsford Cove stretch of the river.

There was a bit of beach down on the river there but we have always been a bit hesitant to have our little daughter, let alone our dog swim in it. We just didn’t know how clean the water was,” Halatau said.

Halatua has since moved to The Shire.

The majority of the waterway from Cabarita to Lake Parramatta is too polluted to swim safely in. Cabarita Swimming Centre treats the river water to use in their pools, while Cabarita Beach remains un-swimmable.

Executive Director of the Total Environment Centre, Jeff Angel, told Sydney Morning Herald the clean up of Paramatta River will cost at least $50 million.

Parramatta River used to be a popular spot to socialize and have a splash up until the 1950’s when high-density housing, storm water run-off and industrial pollutants began to take their toll.

  • You can find out more information and vote on the place you would most like to be able to swim along the Parramatta River at