Stars – 251

Your suspicions surrounding the motivations of others are confirmed on February 11th when Mercury moves forward. Use this transit to understand the motivations of those closest to you.

DIY projects come together between February 8th and 10th, but only with a little help from your friends. Expect a blossoming social calendar after February 18th, thanks to the Mars-Sun link. 

Don’t go overboard with a financial good gesture around February 10th. Extravagance isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Consider what others might choose for themselves.

Cancerians will be feeling the love this fortnight. Moving forward romantically is easier after February 11th with the support of Mercury, Venus, and Mars.

The Universe has arranged some surprising passionate encounters for you to taste until 18th February. Relax and ease into any liaisons that come your way.

You’ll be focused on practical matters after February 11th. Be mindful to make time for loved ones.

Librans are faced with taking a new professional direction around February 8th. You’ll have a clearer picture of what action to take once Mercury moves forward on February 11th.

‘Commit-or-quit’ scenarios demand a resolution around February 8th, but don’t let that force you into making rash decisions this fortnight.

An impractical but highly satisfying indulgence feels justifiable around February 8th. Go ahead and splurge – you deserve it.

Consider the depth of your feelings for that special someone. Expressing your sentiments on February 8th will confirm where you stand romantically.

Mercury forms a positive aspect with Saturn on February 19th. You can depend on an authority figure to help you resolve a pressing issue.

You’ll be surprised that a friend sees you more than just a drinking buddy. Romance is likely to bloom around February 10th, so enjoy!