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Your stars for the week from our real Astrogirl

Resolve outstanding financial matters by June 23rd so that you can enjoy a worry-free fortnight knowing that your reserves are replenished for that proverbial rainy day.

Venus visits your money zone, prompting you to splurge on luxury items. Treat yourself, but exercise self-control during shopping sprees.

With the backing of Mercury and Venus, a certain project will be acknowledged and valued by others. Moneymaking opportunities are possible with the ongoing development of this venture.

The New Moon on June 27th provides inspiration to create or appreciate art and beauty. Use intuition to ‘feel’ your way forward in a situation.

Take advantage of the congenial Sun-Venus-Mercury link to help you make your mark in the world until June 23rd.

If you’re in the middle of reviewing career options, the Universe will help you make a decision by June 30th. Move forward professionally in the first week of July.

Recent exotic adventures, whether through the mind or travel, have broadened your horizons. Apply the wisdom and magic of primitive cultures to the familiar for meaning and purpose.

Venus enters your house of shared resources on June 23rd. Be prepared for opportunities to manage other people’s money or real estate.

Venus and Saturn suggest new clarity about a significant other. Demand honesty and commitment in your intimate contacts

The New Moon on June 27th may blur the lines between reality and fantasy. Drop the busy-ness and take time out to daydream and reflect.

Favourable links to Mercury and Venus means a fortnight of fun and creativity. Rediscover your lost artistic talents by picking up a brush or pen and c-r-e-a-t-e.

It is a low-key, mellow time for many Pisceans. Creative inspiration, introspection, rest, and meditation are vital for re-fuelling and preparing you for busy times ahead.

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