Gigs guide – 238

July 21, 2014
Wednesday 23rd July  The Strypes Holy shit, these guys are aged 16 to 18 and they are absolute monsters; they make me want to swear like a sailor and skoll a beer. It’s really bluesy, […]

Gigs guide – 237

July 7, 2014
Saturday 12th July  Something for Kate Goddamn, Something for Kate has been around for as long as I have been alive. I remember when they were on the radio every second song as I was […]

Gigs Guide – 233

May 12, 2014
Friday 16th May Mustered Courage (pictured above) Old-school bluegrass fused with modern roots style music, pretty much makes the soft rock of Powderfinger. It isn’t really anything that special in my opinion, but I like […]

Gigs guide – 232

April 28, 2014
Friday 2nd May Bitter Sweet Kicks First thing I heard about this band was that they have a penchant for sweat, beer, nudity and boisterous performances. Turns out that’s really true; their bassist likes to […]

Gigs Guide – 231

April 14, 2014
 Thursday 17th April The Delta Riggs Sporting haircuts taken directly from This Is Spinal Tap (pictured above), this Melbourne four-piece jumps from genre to genre with reckless abandon. One second it’s blues rock, then it will […]

Gigs Guide – 230

March 31, 2014
Saturday 29th March Christopher Coleman Collective This young Tasmanian folk musician is touring his just released debut album. At first his distinct Aussie accent put me off but it actually starts to add to his […]

Gigs guide – 228

February 28, 2014
Thursday 6th March Meg Mac (pictured above) This Sydney girl has been playing on Triple J for a while now and I say she deserves it. Still a little too poppy for me but she […]

Gigs Guide – 15th March

January 2, 2013
Sunday 17th March Jep and Dep Silly name, decent sound, same venue. These guys are a little bit dev, little bit Johnny Cash, little bit Camera Obscura, little bit good. I’d pay to go and […]
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