Some like it Rough

November 20, 2014
How does the kinky brain work? Ciao’s resident sex therapist, Cat O’Dowd, caught up with professional dominatrix Kalyss Mercury, who is studying the neuroscience of kink at the University of Oslo. Mistress Kalyss Mercury is […]

Spicy Confessions: food in the bedroom

October 3, 2014
Have you ever used any food products in the bedroom? If so, what did you use? “Kissing whilst eating dark chocolate (and sharing it!) is one of my favourites.” Phoebe, Five Dock “I eat in […]

A groovy kind of love

February 4, 2014
Meet singer Sarah Bedak and drummer Nenad Radic Rroma. This passionate, strong-willed and musical pair are married to their band – and now to each other. Like all good love stories, serendipity played a part […]

Your Say: Inner West relationships

February 4, 2014
We’ve got a theory that relationships are more successful when both partners are from the Inner West. Do you only date people from your own area? • “Yes, you can go to the same cafe!” […]
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