Your month in the stars – July

Dig deep in your history around 22 July to reclaim dormant talent. The Mars-Node link encourages you to reach your potential through these lost passions.

A crucial discussion regarding wealth accumulation through property or partnership is overdue. This month, have an open conversation about your financial future with loved ones.

The Universe generates positive energy around money throughout July. Explore alternative sources of income or implement a new budget for long-term success.

Business contracts and administration are the focus mid-month. Review your projects or negotiate a new deal to help secure your financial future.

Leos need to heal from the pain of a certain relationship or event. The Full Moon on 28 July encourages you to forgive and move on.

The eclipse on 13 July throws you into the social whirl unexpectedly. Embrace a new era in successful networking.

Dreams that emerge around the eclipse on 13 July provide insight into elevating your career to the next level.

Family relationships are highlighted around 28 July. Release negative emotions regarding certain relatives and move forward.

Your powers of persuasion are enhanced from 10 July, thanks to charming Venus. July is an ideal month for nurturing both business and personal relationships.

Financial breakthroughs are possible toward the end of the month. Resting on your laurels isn’t an option – keep refining disciplined money habits.

The most powerful eclipse of 2018 occurs in your sign on 28 July. Channel disruptive energy into action and create clean space for magic to happen.

Pisces Love is in the air on 12, 14 and 28 July, thanks to the Venus-Uranus-Saturn-Pluto link. Let the Universe do the work for you and watch romance blossom.


By Astrogirlzarro