Your Say: Norton Festa favourites

Norton Festa will hit Leichhardt on October 27th, what’s your favourite part of the festa?

“Checking out all the hot Italian food, girls and cars – in that order.”
Alex, Ashfield.

“Festa days are usually scorchers so I look out for the iced lemonade stall, it’s a lifesaver.”
Vicky, Five Dock.

“The food, of course!”
Gary, Abbotsford.

“Checking out the cars – it’s probably the closest I’ll ever get to my dream cars.”
James, Roselands.

“I like watching the cooking and try to get a seat up the front on the hope that I get a sample of whatever is coming off the stove.”
Maree, Leichhardt.

“The granita is usually good.”
Sonia, Petersham.

“Bar Sport’s pork spit rolls. I look forward to it every year.”
Bruno, Leichhardt.

“I just go down for the food, I usually look for the pizza cart, maybe an arancino and some gelato to finish. Bellissimo!”
Rob, Leichhardt.

“I always go early and start with a good coffee before it heats up and the lines get too long. I enjoy watching the dancing too.”
Gildo, Haberfield.

“I hear the Ciao Fashion Parade is a highlight…”
Nancy (from Ciao), Petersham.

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