Your Say: to AirBnb or not to AirBnb?

Should Inner Westies be able to turn their home into an Air BnB? 

I reckon as long as you own your property, or if it’s within your lease’s contract, AirBNB-ing out your house helps both you as you get to earn spare dollars while you’re away and the community because travellers get to experience the vibrancy of the inner west in a local fashion!’
Mikey, Newtown

Only if there is greater regulation around it, which stipulates what is and isn’t acceptable and protects those in surrounding properties.’
Sam, Petersham 

I’ve never really thought about it as I don’t think anyone would want to stay in my tiny house. I think probably, yes. I like staying in Air BnB’s when I go away and if I didn’t live here I would really like to have the chance to do that in the Inner West.’
Sophie, Leichhardt

Yes! Rent and house prices in the Inner West are so insane that we should support any initiative that helps residents get a little bit back. Not to mention, it means less people outside our local area will get the chance to experience what we have to offer, and that is a shame for everyone, including local businesses.’
Ann, Dulwich Hill 

I think no. It’s one of those things where the technology and culture is advancing quicker than we can regulate it and we need to catch up first. When people travel they often want to party and may not have the same respect for the property as an owner. Plus, there is no way to know who is coming in and out. It could be anyone.’
Tye, Petersham