Your stars of the week by Astrogirlzarro

Mercury joins Venus and Mars in your sign, making this a month of action. Initiate a new project before Mars moves into slow and steady Taurus on March 10th.

You have a once in two year opportunity to boost your energy levels when a string of planets move into Taurus this month. Focus on personal development.

The Twins re-examine their life philosophy or personal beliefs this month. Be prepared to release outdated principles.

The Jupiter-Pluto link demands that a new order of domestic stability be implemented over the next few weeks.

Ambitious Mars brings drive to your career sector. You see the results of your hard work around March 27th  when a leadership opportunity arises.

Get organised in a practical way under the Full Moon on March 13th. Focus on making systems work efficiently by de-cluttering your home or workspace.

Transformation is possible this month, thanks to the Jupiter-Pluto link. Embracing an empowering attitude will open the doors on your dreams.

Get ready for new challenges in romance with the help of Mars. Passion surrounding a significant other intensifies on March 27th, so make your move.

Take action around March 5th with a particular issue or project. There may be delays under the Venus retrograde motion but carefully reassess whether this venture is right for you.

You may be discouraged by delays concerning home and family under the Venus retrograde. Channel your frustrations into possibilities that will materialise in May.

Aquarians are free to move forward with domestic pursuits under the powerful Mars-Neptune-Pluto link. Dare to dream big and then follow through.

Mercury and Saturn’s connection to the Full Moon on March 13th reminds you to check significant financial details and to keep your business appointments.