Your Say: What do you think of K-Rudd’s return to being ALP leader?

Inner Westies on the most recent ALP leadeship swap....

“The Labor Party has gone back full circle…to the grown up milky bar kid. Don’t they learn from their mistakes?”
Andrew, Penrith.

“The whole thing was a publicity stunt and it doesn’t impress me one bit. That being said, I support him because he is progressive – under his leadership the country will continue to move forward in terms of social reforms, but is he as well-equipped as Abbott to handle the economy? Probably not. I haven’t made up my mind as to how I’m voting yet. I’m not impressed my either side, but as a student, I feel my university would be improved under a Liberal government.”
Louise, Haberfield.

“I am moving to another country if that idiot gets in. People have too short a memory if you ask me!”
Diana, Annandale.

“If it keeps Tony Abbott out, it’s fine by me.”
Samara, Erskineville.

“I think it makes Australia and the Labor Party look like a joke. Not something you’d expect to happen here. Gives me the impression that they are disorganised and ego driven.”
Vanessa, Paddington.

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