Stars – 240

You real stars of the week by Astrogirlzarro,

You’ll be feeling lucky until August 23rd, thanks to the Sun-Mercury-Venus link. Take a chance with a particular issue around August 18th for promising results.

Mid-August will be your most energetic period this year, so get out there and enjoy what the Inner West has to offer.

Your ruling planet, Mercury, influences your home sector this month. You’ll take the lead with family issues from August 24th to sort out domestic schedules and resolve disputes.

Financial matters are the big issue concerning the frugal Crab mid-year. The practical details are best tackled around August 18th.

Pay off debts and face overdue payments by the middle of August while Mercury still activates your money zone.

The New Moon on August 26th asks that you focus on implementing a new system. Saturn highlights the importance of hard work in laying the foundations for a project to succeed in the future.

From August 15th, pause, slow down, and then retreat from a busy social/work calendar. Your spirit will benefit from quiet time alone between August 25th and 26th.

Mercury, Venus and the Sun activate your networking sector from mid-August. Festivities, group get-togethers and quality time with friends are on the agenda.

Work is the focus for many Centaurs this fortnight. Make your mark professionally on August 15th. This is an ideal time to discuss promotion or a pay rise.

Your most adventurous period this year begins on August 15th. Breaking dull and rigid routines will rejuvenate your mind and spirit.

Prepare yourself for some romantic escapades, courtesy of the Universe. Exciting love connections surface around August 18th.

The New Moon on August 26th raises the issue of reciprocation within close relationships. Focus on connections that are mutually supportive and dependable.

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