Stars – 275

Your stars of the week by Astrogirlzarro –

Aries: Expect a potentially lucrative professional relationship to develop under Venus’ placement in industrious Capricorn. Work towards goals as a team player, not a solo flyer.

Taurus: The first of three career triggers occurs when Venus enters Aquarius on 17 February. Make a unique professional impression by thinking outside the box.

Gemini: Daily habits are streamlined this fortnight under the Scorpio-Mars link. Begin the year by jump-starting a sluggish health routine.

Cancer: Romance will be intense when Venus joins Pluto up to 16 February. Relationship possibilities flourish around 6 February.

Leo: The New Moon in your love zone on 9 February has you breaking the rules where passion is concerned. Incorporate freedom and excitement into your dalliances.

Virgo: Applying tremendous effort into a particular project under the Mars-Jupiter connection can lead to tangible results.

Libra: Libra, this is one of your best periods in 2016 to gain meaningful employment or to increase your income. Be confident and vigorously pursue your professional goals.

Scorpio: You may take self-examination to great depths now that Mars inhabits your sign. Focus on personal development practises.

Sagittarius: Power planet Pluto continues with an extended cycle through your fiscal sector, transforming the way you handle finances. Make significant money decisions early February.

Capricorn: Personal pampering is on the agenda this fortnight. Little luxuries take on importance under the Venus transit. Go on, glam up your life!

Aquarius: The New Moon in your sign on 9 February asks you to question a certain position rather than take it at face value. Breaking the rules releases you from a stifling situation.

Pisces: A second chance with a significant other is now possible under the Venus-Mercury transit.